Everyone is trying to take an extra step to get ahead.
You can take 4.


A Kansas Insurance Certificate will make your resume stand out from the stack. It gives you an edge over the competition for both jobs and scholarships. Even better, it’s simple to earn because its requirements are courses you’re already taking for your major.

YOUR career

YOUR career

One certificate earned with four courses empowers many opportunities for your career path. The options within the financial services sector are endless. The Financial Services Leadership Program will give you valuable connections and marked credibility to launch your career, whichever path you choose to take.



You want your job to be so much more than a place to earn money. You want it to be a rewarding career. The most satisfying jobs in the world have three common factors. They offer the ability to care for, protect, and teach others. The Kansas Insurance Certificate gives you the opportunity to write your own path in an industry known for caring, protecting, and teaching.


The financial services industry is enormous. It involves banks and credit unions, insurance and accounting, investing and wealth management. But you’ll benefit by earning a Kansas Insurance Certificate even if your focus is on sales and marketing, IT and HR, or public relations and administration. Whatever your calling, the Financial Services Leadership Program provides you an influential toolkit to construct your future.

Josh Goodman
Industry Professional
Producer, Haas & Wilkerson Insurance
The financial services industry is rapidly changing. Due to technology and the customer’s buying experience the younger generation has the potential to create tremendous value within the financial services industry.
Callie Zircle
KIC Graduate
Kansas Mutual Insurance Company
The Certificate significantly aided me in acquiring a career in the industry because it shows employers that you have an understanding of the insurance industry already.
Katie Hobson
Industry Professional
E&O Program Manager, Kansas Association of Insurance Agents
I love working with our members and helping them find solutions for their unique situations. There’s a certain sense of pride you feel in knowing that you found the solution that your customer needed in order to protect their assets. That’s what insurance is really about – helping people protect themselves.
Lindsey Nietfeld
KIC Student
Pittsburg State University
I couldn’t see a reason as to why someone wouldn’t want to complete this certification. I think the benefits outweigh the costs ten-times-over and I am glad I chose to go through with this program.
Zac Dickey
Industry Professional
Co-Owner, Next Generation Insurance Family
I enjoy being a part of an industry that allows me to meet people- that part of what we do energizes me. It’s extremely gratifying to help someone through a problem.
Ashley Mitchell
Industry Professional
Marketing Representative, EMC Insurance
There’s a tremendous amount of opportunities in the insurance industry and even more to come over the next 5-10 years.
Ryan Murray
Industry Professional
Owner, ICI Insurance
There are a lot of great insurance jobs, for almost every personality type. This industry provides flexibility, the ability to work with many different people or businesses, and the opportunity to become very successful financially.